Back off, Fredericksburg

Whose claim is more legitimate?

Whose claim is more legitimate?

I clicked on this Free Lance-Star article about Erin Hamlin, the American who just won the bronze in luge in Sochi, expecting to find a feel-good human-interest story about a local athlete made good.  Which is exactly what I found.  Except that Hamlin isn’t from Fredericksburg (her aunt lives here), she’s from Remsen, New York, just outside of Utica.  And now I’m mad because Fredericksburg is squatting on the local-girl-made-good human-interest story that rightfully belongs to my people.  Lay off Oneida County, will ya?  They’re in a 50-year drought of feel-good human-interest stories up there.


  1. Mary Kayler says:

    We are celebrating Erin and rightfully so as he lives right next door to where I grew up! I have spent many a movie day in Oneida, NY.

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